Friday, March 21, 2008

Yet again...

Yes folks, yet again I am far behind on my blogs. To come, I don't know if sooner or later, will be blogs on; my fun in the sun in Thailand, including a fantastic live aboard dive trip, madness in Burma, its not always fun to have the military point guns at you, and the fantastic Temples of Angkor and the emotional trials of walking through the Cambodian killing Fields.

In the mean time I have uploaded a large number of photos to my facebook account, so please go check them out, unfortunately you have to sign up to facebook to view them. Sooner or later I will get those pics on here as well!

At the moment Tintin and I are in northern Laos and thus far Laos has been my favorite country of the trip. Its been stunning and I've heard it only gets better. I have a little over three weeks remaining on my visa before I will be entering Vietnam on the 13th of April. My trip has changed with regards to its final destination and I will be heading home from Hanoi, Vietnam, on the 2nd of May. Just in time to avoid the Midwest winter...I hope.

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